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Web Development

Want to grow your business? We provide all types of web development services such as i.e. custom websites, web applications, platforms and much more with our tech experts!

Web Design

We have the best UI/UX experts to give you state of the art design and look to your website with using the modern and latest technologies that powers most of the web standard.

WordPress CMS

Providing top-notch WordPress based services i.e. theme development, customization, design, maintenance and much more to get your WordPress based website up and running all the time.

Cyber Security

We take security seriously. Our security experts will provide you the cutting edge pentesting and bug hunting services that will make your web application free of viruses and vulnerabilities.

App Development

Having the best technical team to develop your app ideas and bring them into action. Whether it's Android/iOS or Desktop, we all make it happen here!

About Us

About Codixes

Codixes is California based digital services agency specializing in web-based services with high expertise of technologies to convert concepts into action and aimed to provide top-notch customer support to clients.

Codixes is focused on creating online presence for businesses dynamically with true assurance of growth and success.

The Team


He manages all the existing team members!


She is artist, she handles graphic design work!


Responsible for all lead development of agency!


Programming ninja, she solves most of the tech problems!


Bussiness development manager, he brings meat to table!


A digital marketer, who is more of a sales guy!


Lead Developer, team lead for the tech stuff going around


You got a problem? He is the person with a solution!

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